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A New Golden Dawn is an Emporium of all things Metaphysical & Magical! Love Spells, Sex Magick, Money Spells, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Custom Conjured Spirits, Djinn, Genie, Vampire, Angel, Ilmu Khodam, Watcher, Dragon, Demon, Servitor, Dark Arts, Succubus, Incubus, Psychic & Paranormal Treasures! Vintage and Antique Occult and Magickal Artifacts, Newly Cast Energetics, Rare Occult Artifacts, Spirit Haunted Jewelry, Black & White Magick, Witchcraft, Crystals, Psychic Enhancement Items, Wicca, Pagan/Druid/Celtic Magick, Old Earth Magick, Traditional Ritual Magick, Egyptian & Eastern Mystic Magick, Western Esoteric & High Magick, Alchemy, Theosophy, Templar, Masonic and Secret Societies, Kabbalah, Quabbalah, Hermetic Magick, Enochian and Angelic Magick, Goetian Magick and more!


Custom orders and castings are always welcome!
Please email us to discuss your needs if you are unsure of how to proceed.

A_New_Golden_Dawn is a gathering of varied Elder Magick Practitioners, Psychics, Witches, and Adepts of Many Magickal Paths and Disciplines, mostly Elder friends of my Grandmother's who have entered my life as teachers, friends and guardians. Along with them, I am devoted to offering you personal and ongoing service AND the very best Magickals, Energetics, Spirits, Entities, Potions and Spells available. All from several Master Elder practitioners (and me their humble student) in many fields of ancient, arcane and esoteric magicks.

Featured are both vintage/antique occult and paranormal artifacts as well as newly cast spirit bound energetic vessels, custom bindings & conjures, spells and potions, ritual supplies and the various accouterments for those who walk one of the many Paths of the 'Craft'. We promise to offer you the most excellent of customer service as well as quality magikals to enrich and enhance your life! If you have special needs, please ask and we will do our best to help you!

Please Browse our ever expanding offerings and let us know if you seek something special or custom. We have many items we never list for the general public but prefer to deal privately on with serious collectors. We offer a broad range of items from those for the beginner to the more advanced, and on to the experienced and elite collector. We are always open to serious offers on some of our higher priced rarities! We have placed some of our most powerful and rare occult items with many well known and famous individuals around the world. However, we do have clients from all walks of life and welcome all to the world of real magick!

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Price: $45.00 $18.00
You Save: $27.00 (60%)
'Hearts Desire' Wish Granting Fae Faerie Fairy~Haunted
'Hearts Desire' Wish Granting Fae Faerie Fairy~Haunted
Price: $39.00 $15.60
You Save: $23.40 (60%)
CUSTOM Conjured & Matched to You ULTRA Erotic VAMPIRE SPIRIT Haunted Ring
CUSTOM Conjured & Matched to You ULTRA Erotic VAMPIRE SPIRIT Haunted Ring
Price: $95.00 $38.00
You Save: $57.00 (60%)
Mount Shasta Vortex Charged LEMURIAN QUARTZ BALL Sphere CRYSTAL HEALING Reiki Enhance Psychic Power
Mount Shasta Vortex Charged LEMURIAN QUARTZ BALL Sphere CRYSTAL HEALING Reiki Enhance Psychic Power
Price: $299.00 $119.60
You Save: $179.40 (60%)
Custom Conjured Binding Sanguine or Psy VAMPIRE SPIRIT Haunted
Custom Conjured Binding Sanguine or Psy VAMPIRE SPIRIT Haunted
Price: $59.00 $23.60
You Save: $35.40 (60%)
Angel Hierarchy Communication Amulet~Archangel~Haunted
Angel Hierarchy Communication Amulet~Archangel~Haunted
Price: $59.00 $23.60
You Save: $35.40 (60%)
Price: $65.00 $26.00
You Save: $39.00 (60%)
Custom Conjure SOUL MATCHED VAMPIRE SPIRIT Companion Love Spell Haunted Ring
Custom Conjure SOUL MATCHED VAMPIRE SPIRIT Companion Love Spell Haunted Ring
Price: $75.00 $30.00
You Save: $45.00 (60%)

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